Stuck on How to Make Your Reels "Pretty" In Your Feed?

You just need templates!!!

You love creating Instagram Reels, but you hate how they look in your feed.

I get it. 

You’ve spent years perfecting your ~feed aesthetic~ and now Reels are coming along and messing it all up!

You don’t need to stop sharing your Reels to your feed. 

In fact – you SHOULD be posting your Reels to your feed for maximum exposure!

All you need are some pretty cover images.

That’s where these templates come in!

Collage of Instagram Reel Covers

The Tough Work is Done for You

Not a graphic designer? No problem.

I did the tough work of designing these Reel cover templates for you!

All you need to do is update the text and add your brand colors and you’re GOOD.

So Easy to Make These Templates Match Your Branding!

Go from this ....

Collage of Instagram Reel Covers

... to this!

All you need is the FREE version of Canva.

Make edits on both desktop Canva or the Canva mobile app!


– 8 Reel Cover Templates

– Instructional Video on How to Customize Your Templates in Canva

– Written Instructions on How to Add a Cover Photo to Your Reel

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