Is Facebook Doomed?


Is Facebook Doomed?

Facebook is not having a great year.

First they were messing with the algorithm, leaving a lot of Facebook Page owners frustrated with lack of reach.

Then news broke of a massive data breach involving Cambridge Analytica, a breach that Facebook knew about in 2015 but failed to inform its users. Because of this, there has been a call to #deletefacebook. Even big companies, like Tesla, have deleted their Facebook Pages – although some wonder if this was done just as a marketing ploy.

Is Facebook doomed to shut down or drastically change its format? Or is Facebook “too big to fail?”

Despite significant stock value drops this year, Facebook remains one of the largest companies in the world. It’s still the third most visited website in the world (Google is #1, YouTube is #2). And based on my friends feed, it doesn’t look like anyone is quitting any time soon.

Facebook still remains the easiest way to get in touch with friends, catch up on the latest news, and find the cutest puppy videos.

And I’ve spent the last year focusing on building and growing a few Facebook Pages that have so far proven to be algorithm-proof. And I’m not giving up on those quite yet.

The truth is, ALL social media platforms are watching us. They are watching what we talk about, what we “like” and “love” and get angry about. Facebook’s goal is to keep you on Facebook, so it takes all this data and uses it to show you things it thinks you will want to see. It feeds off of your actions and mutates it – whether that’s good or bad is up to you. But it’s the way ALL social platforms work.

HOWEVER, let this be a reminder that we shouldn’t be solely relying on any social media platform to grow our business. Social media platforms don’t care about your business – sorry. They care about THEIR business and growing it and making money for their shareholders. If helping give YOUR business a platform helps them grow, then so be it. But Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Pinterest … they don’t really care about making you money and growing your biz.

As social media platforms grow, there will always be changes. For better or for worse. And there will always be data breaches. And sometimes things can change drastically, overnight.

If Instagram went away tomorrow, do you have a way to reach all of those followers and fans you’ve collected? If this thought sent a wave of panic through your body, it may be time to make a few small business changes.

Yes – use Instagram & Facebook & Pinterest to market your business. BUT ALSO be sure you’re blogging and maintaining an email list. These are two things that YOU have control over.

Social media platforms come and go. They are great marketing tools as long as we are willing to ride the ever shifting tide that comes along with them.

But email is forever and no matter what happens on social, you’ll be able to reach your fans via email. If you are collecting them.


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