Practicing Self-Compassion for Content Creators


Question: Are you hard on yourself?

Because … I am. I’m a total perfectionist and when something goes wrong, it can turn into a complete shame spiral.

I’ve been working with my therapist on self-compassion, which does not come easy for me.

Actually, that’s putting it mildly. It’s incredibly tough for me.

So that’s why I need to practice, practice, practice.

Social Media and Self-Compassion

As a Content Creator, being on social media means we can connect with others, share our talents, and be inspired. It can also open the door for criticism, which can lead to self-doubt and general unhappiness.

That’s why it’s so important for Content Creators – and everyone who uses social media – to regularly practice self-compassion.

I’m going to share some tools in my self-care arsenal that could also work for you:

  1. Mindful self-talk. Oooh this is a biggie for me. I hate it … but it works. My therapist often reminds me I should talk to myself with the same kindness and compassion I would give to a friend. If compassionate self-talk feels too icky right now, I recommend listening too some affirmations on YouTube. I like Jessica Heslop but listen to a few different ones until something resonates with you.
  2. Embrace Imperfections. As a perfectionist and a people-pleaser, this one is also so difficult for me. But, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Failing means you tried something new, which is a positive thing. So don’t be so tough on yourself!
  3. Daily gratitude practice. This is something I’ve done (off and on) for years now. I like to physically write down five things I’m grateful for in a daily journal every morning. Some days they are deep and thoughtful, and other days I can’t muster the energy for anything other than “house, health, family, friends, cats.” Either way, it does work to begin my day on a positive note. (Suggestion: Do this before looking at social media or email, for obvious reasons.)
  4. Set realistic goals. Have you ever put 30 things on your to-do list and then felt like a failure when you only got five items done? And then you have to carry those items over to the next day and also add a bunch of new tasks? Guilty. This is such an easy mindset hack it almost feels like cheating. Be realistic about what you can get done in a day, and don’t strive to be The World’s Best Overachiever. It’s not worth your sanity, in the end.
  5. Rest. We all know burnout is a real problem in our industry. It’s because we feel like we need to constantly be posting so people don’t forget about us. But just like with any other type of job, breaks and vacations are absolutely necessary for good mental health. So, schedule in the breaks if you need to. Set aside an hour for a nap or bubble bath or reality TV watching, or whatever it is you need to shut your brain off for a bit. (Ahem, that includes leaving your phone in another room, btw.)

And remember, this is a PRACTICE. Meaning you will never be perfect at it, you perfectionist, you. But seriously, incorporating these steps into your daily life will help you become more resilient and improve your ability to handle the challenges of social media.

If you felt seen by this subject matter, please reply and let me know!

About the author

Mindy is the owner of Fairy Tale Social and has over 10 years of content creation and blogging experience.