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Curious about building a community on TikTok? Ida has all the answers! Meet Ida from @ToEveryMom, an account that promises to give moms a place to take a break and have a laugh. On this episode of The Joy of Content, Ida is spilling all her marketing secrets, as well as taking us on her journey of growing her account from 0 followers to over 200,000! Learn how Ida started creating TikTok content while she was a single mom and still working her 9-5 job, and the surprising way she first started monetizing her influence. Lots of gems in this one, especially if you’re interested in using short-form video to grow your community!


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Special Guest:

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Ida, ToEveryMom.com

Ida, similar to the majority of the adults that joined the Tiktok in 2020, was reluctant at first. However, when she heard a famous podcaster say, “If you don’t have an audience, you don’t have a business, and Tiktok is the place to grow an audience”, she immediately made her way to the app to see what she could build.

She now has a community of almost 300,000 across Tiktok & Instagram and is still growing strong. She is now a Speaker, a Bestselling Author and a Tiktok & Instagram Reels Coach. She has helped other entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, social media influencers, authors and more, grow their audiences and promote their products using the strategies that propelled her to where she is today.

Ida has over a decade in traditional and online marketing experience working in organizations in both the U.S and the United Kingdom.

Key Topics:

  • Getting views on Tiktok versus growing community.
  • The importance of consistency.
  • Copy Ida’s TikTok strategy!
  • Find out the different ways you can monetize your Tiktok influence.

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Mindy Marzec 0:05
Well hello there and welcome to this episode of the joy of content. This is Mindy and oh my goodness do I have a great interview for you today especially if you have been wanting to get on tick tock or feel like you’re struggling on tick tock because today’s guest has cracked the TIC tock code for success. And I am just so excited to bring you her story. Her name is Ida and on tick tock she is known as to every mom and she describes her account as a place where mothers can relax and have a laugh. And man she delivers on that promise her videos are so entertaining. She is so funny and who among us couldn’t use more laughter in our lives right now? Right So on today’s episode, Ida is sharing how she started her Tik Tok from scratch from zero just about two years ago and now has over 200,000 followers and was able to quit her full time job and be a content creator full time. And now she is also a coach teaching others how they can do the same thing and I just want to point out that Ida is also a single mom. So oh my goodness, she is juggling it all. And just so impressive. So if you haven’t heard of her if you haven’t been following it already, I encourage you to look her up at to every mom on both Tik Tok and Instagram and get to know her I really hope you find this interview. Inspiring. I know I sure did. And I was actually so inspired by Ida’s message that I finally got around to starting my own tic tock account yet for the joy of content, but more on that at the end. For now. Please enjoy this conversation with IDA tic toc expert at to every mom. Hey there, Ida Welcome to the joy of content.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 2:20
Yay. Hi, I’m so happy to be here.

Mindy Marzec 2:24
I’m so happy to have you here. Just real quickly. I want to talk about like I’m not even sure if I told you this, but I discovered your Instagram account and we’re going to be talking about tick tock but I use Instagram more and I discovered your Instagram account because one of my friends dropped one of your videos in the group chat just as like look at this funny video. And I was just like, oh my gosh, this lady is so funny. So I went to your page and I started following you. And then you wrote me back and you’re just like, Oh, I’m a big Disney fan. Yeah, you followed me back. And I was just like, oh my gosh, yeah, it was almost like, like fangirling a little bit. I was like she noticed me. So, uh, you we, we haven’t really talked about this much. But you’re on the East Coast. Yeah, I’m on the West Coast right? Do you go to Walt Disney World very often.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 3:25
Oh, my goodness. My family and I we used to go at least once a year and then it increased to three times a year up until 2020. But yeah, it’s intense.

Mindy Marzec 3:35
So have you you’ve always been kind of a Disney family.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 3:38
Um, not always. It was something we dreamt up and my parents would always promised that we’d go but you know, we went through a lot of tough times as kids financially and as soon as my parents business took off. We started going once a year so I think it was since maybe I was 20 years old. We’ve been going every year so we’re a bunch of adults that love Disney.

Mindy Marzec 4:01
Well, you’re talking to the right gal, because I am an adult who loves Disney. So very, very cool. I’m so glad we have that in common and like I said, we’re here to talk about your amazing growth on tick tock tick tock is kind of a black hole for me. I’m on it, but I don’t I haven’t really harnessed how to use it for my business and I would refer to you as a tick tock success. So before we get into tips for everybody, can you just tell us a little bit about kind of your origin story like how did you how did you get started on tick tock? Why did you go to tick tock like Were you always trying to build a business on it? Just give us a give us a little bit about how you got started. It’s a really inspiring story.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 4:52
Thank you. And I’m actually impressed that you know the story. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it on Instagram or I’ve shared it a few times on in different platforms but oh wow. So tick tock. It is like a place where dreams come true. Just similar to like the gold rush when that happened or even you know, finding new new land, new territory or oil in the ground. That’s what tic tock has been for its people. And so for me as this mother who was in her 40s single mom, working a nine to five that I didn’t love. When I heard that there was an opportunity to hop on Tik Tok from a famous podcaster I heard him say this and I was like, Okay, I’m gonna hop on because his advice was, if you want to start a business, you need an audience. In today’s you know, in today’s society, you need to have an audience. And if you don’t have an audience, you can grow on Tik Tok. And you can grow and really fast organically. And so I went and hopped on and one of the things he said to do is just document just be yourself and throw everything at it. So I had a background in marketing, outside background and entertainment. I tried to hop on Vine, I was too late. I hopped on maybe two weeks before it was done. And I tried Instagram I tried Facebook. It just wasn’t taken off because the organic reach had already doubled. By the time I hopped on the scene and tried to do something with it. So I got on on Instagram, but that’s like, how I did why I did was because there was this amazing YouTuber who I found her because I was looking for you know, having the natural birth bits I was pregnant. I was on my own pregnant and that’s a story unto itself. But I was on my own pregnant my husband I had separated and I found that I was pregnant shortly after. And while watching her she really just became a good part of my day. I would run looking for her content because she would release content every day at that time. I think that something something spiritual knew that I needed her because most YouTubers don’t do that. But she was releasing content almost every day and I felt like she brought me into her family. And I thought you know if I ever have the opportunity to build online I will build a space that moms can come and relax, laugh and just feel and now that’s added learn and feel like they’ve got a space for that where they’re understood, because she did that for me and now she’s a friend of mine. But at that time she was so far out of reach and and so that was the reason why I got on I knew that I had some products and services that I wanted to offer. But really it was truly just a space a community where we could love on one another and and just have a really good time through the through the screen, you know? So I got on Tik Tok in 2020 and started putting out videos and the rest is history. So yeah,

Mindy Marzec 7:50
that’s, that’s amazing. You make it sound so simple. I just started putting out videos and the rest is history. I’m sure it wasn’t that easy. But I want to go back to something you said. You you had experience with marketing and you had experience in entertainment. Which was what I was going to ask you because your videos are so funny. And they’re edited so well. What type of entertainment background did you have for that?

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 8:16
Yes. So from the moment I was born, well, from the time I was maybe around five years old, I wanted to sing and I’ve always been a musical performer. I never saw myself as you know, an actress or comedian or anything like that. But I think that it was in my 30s I went to an improv show in the UK. And they were like you’re really good and I was like I am you know I didn’t even know. And from there I started I had no ID so I started going and doing some background work in the UK and I’d be on set for background and then they say hey, let’s just give this girl a couple of lines. And then I ended up with lines and it was just crazy how that happened and then moved back to the US and I started doing like a children’s theater tore it. It’s a lot of like, the acting side of things for me has been accidents. You know, like I didn’t I just kind of fell into it. And I always thought I was funny but I didn’t know that I was funny. I just thought that that stuff goes on in my head and I’m the only one laughing. So you guys are just getting a good sense of the things that go on in my head. But yeah, and then when it comes to marketing like because I wanted to do entertainment, but I have come from a family of entrepreneurs and people that are really focused on corporate and business. My dad’s an economist, my mom’s an entrepreneur, she’s done so many things and my sister is like an executive VP, so they’re all very business focused. And here I am just like super creative, odd man out and they said, Well, you know, you got to study something. You got to study business or something. You can’t go study theater. So I studied marketing, and I loved it because it was the art seus form of business. And so I know so I love advertising, I love understanding customers journey and so that’s a huge passion of mine and so you couple it with business that makes a couple of with, with doing entertainment and bringing people together by laughter and enjoyment. And that’s what makes up the content that I put out.

Mindy Marzec 10:23
That that it’s so great. And I really liked that you touched on the fact that you had someone that you looked up to and made you happy and you thought how can I do this for other people because we all I mean, social media can be such like a bummer of a place. You know what I mean? And the more people that are providing entertainment, just for the sake of entertainment, I just feel like there’s no abundance of that, like we need more of it. So I love that you were inspired by her and decided that you wanted to do that yourself. And so, so you got started on Tik. Tok. How did your first few tic TOCs do?

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 11:08
Oh I thought that they were very well I thought they were very cringy but I left them there. I think I got about 500 views and I felt viral. I did. I was like 500 views. And then you know, whenever I would get to 1000 I knew I’ve made it. I basically made it and everyone else can just go home. I have 1000 views. And so my clients when they get to 1000 views I tell them that’s that’s phenomenal because actually let’s just think about it. The ability for 1000 people to see my post on Instagram or not sorry on Facebook is almost impossible. And same goes for YouTube back in the day to get 500 views was like for newbie it was almost impossible. So here I am on this platform. It’s like 500 immediately lost my mind. So So yeah, 500 views for the first mini, maybe 5050 videos.

Mindy Marzec 12:11
Yeah, I think that’s important to talk about because I think people say, you know, why should I bother getting started on a new platform and starting from zero. And you know, tick tock still has the ability to reach a wide amount of people, even with the most cringy us content and the most unsophisticated content that you can create because you’re new. And so this is just kind of the point that you just have to get started and get your stuff out there because people will find it.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 12:43
I’m a big believer in starting imperfectly, you got to just start with having your hands and and you know you may not like it later on but leave it there so that other people can see the journey, you know?

Mindy Marzec 12:57
Yes, yes. I think that’s so important because a lot of people see the current, the current situation or maybe the end situation and they don’t really see how you get started because we all again we all start from zero. And I’m glad that I’m glad that you shared that and I agree 500 views as a lot of my tic TOCs do not get 500 views quite yet. Also, I’ll keep trying though. So do you want to was there was there a moment when your tick tock started taking off or going viral? Was it Do you remember like was it in a certain video or was it kind of just slow growth?

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 13:40
So in the beginning, I was obsessed with tick tock like I would wake up at 2am to check the new release hashtags like I was so upset. And it but it but it taught me a lot because now I can help others not have to do that craziness. But I would I just wanted to understand what made you know people tick and so or what made you these content creators that were doing well, what what were they doing? And so I probably put out like I said maybe about 50 videos before I started seeing, like real community forming around me. That’s how I measure my success. I don’t I know that views and views are incredible. But when I started seeing that I had a good core 40 people that knew me and loved me and I was able to love them and be a part of their lives. I was like okay, yes, I’m winning. And by then maybe my views were about at 2000 3000 And I think that happened maybe after four months of posting consistently every day. One video minimum a day.

Mindy Marzec 14:50
I really like that you measure your success by community members and not necessarily by views I think people lose sight of that.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 15:00
Yeah. And I think it’s because the mission like if your mission is just to get a whole bunch of views, then you’re you’re winning, you know, at your mission and I won’t judge that. You know, and not you like any person out there so goes right? But for me, I knew I wanted to create a space I’m still in that mindset, like I still want to do retreats, and so many other things because I’m about creating this space and, and anything that I produces, goes back to that mission, that goal. And so I loved that I even had a video that went crazy viral, it’s like 600 views 600,000 views to me, that was crazy viral. And I was not very happy with that video because I knew it wasn’t a community building video. And, and I vowed to myself never to do that again. Never again to go viral. In a way that’s not in connection to my mission.

Mindy Marzec 15:57
That is so interesting, because I think a lot of people just want to go viral and want the views and maybe you know, maybe that’s what their goal is. But I like how you were able to recognize you know, I tried this. It doesn’t attract my ideal audience. And even though it was popular, this isn’t the type of content that’s going to ultimately get me to my goal.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 16:21
Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And I left that one up to so it’s still

Mindy Marzec 16:27
good. I mean, yeah, I think that a lot of people delete, they’re on Instagram, too. They’ll delete stuff that doesn’t perform well and it’s just like, No, you have to leave it up because essentially, you’re lying to people. If you don’t, if you don’t leave up your flops, you’re creating this false impression that everything that it’s possible to go viral with everything you do at some point. Yeah. And it’s just that’s just not how it is. No, it’s not. And so, when you started seeing these community members, how did you kind of double down on Well, let me ask you this. Sorry. I have so many questions in my head for you and I’d like watching the time. Okay. What, how can you take me through like what is a typical creative process for you, like, do you sit down with a cup of tea and plan out your content? Or does it just kind of come to you naturally and you record it on the spot before it falls out of your brain? Like, can you tell me what like a typical creative day is like for you?

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 17:34
Yes, it’s like you and I are meant to be best friends. She said cup of tea. And so you want me right there. So I do like when I first got started, it was during the height of the pandemic. So I had little one here with me, and I’m a single mother and I was working my nine to five. So my creative process looked different than it does now but still very similar. Sometimes you learn a lot of good things under pressure. So during that time, I knew I had an hour every night to dedicate to tick tock. So I would spend maybe 15 minutes during my lunch break to write down all the ideas of things that I wanted to talk about things that were happening in my life, things that I loved things that I hated things I was passionate about. Not just write down a list and I do that from time to time during my lunch period. So now going, you know to the evening in the evening, look at that list and that’s okay what’s what am I feeling what am I enjoy what I want to talk to people about today and create a video about it. So some of those ideas have gone like really crazy on tick tock and like the hatred of baked beans, or you know, the, the prayer the prayer time that Mama D does sometimes for people that cut you off and those are real things that happened to me, a guy cut me off today. It’s a real situation that I knew people could relate to him. So I write it down. And then I do the video at night when my daughter would go to bed. So that was my creative, creative process. Then, currently now I have a day where I write down all of my ideas or actually my list that I had back then I’m still working on that. So you know and then I’ll go and create some videos. But now that I have this amazing community, they tell me what they love. I know they love my lumberjack videos. They love my Angela videos, coworker videos. So I will continue to expand that that series and it may even add a few more so yeah,

Mindy Marzec 19:30
that’s what I do. That’s That’s so good. I really like that you shared that you do when you’re working a nine to five job which so many of us are when we’re trying to launch our online business. You kind of just found pockets of time where you could do you could break it down into steps. Okay, during my lunch break, I’m going to write down all of the thoughts that I have in my head just kind of like a brain dump, you know, like just like what are the things that are bothering me today? Like, I can’t believe that the cafeteria at work had baked beans. That’s so gross. Yeah. And then and then when you had the time you just that precious one hour a day, in the evening was when you could get something filmed and edited. And that’s really all it takes just one one piece of content a day. And yeah, some of them are gonna really resonate and some might flop but you don’t know until you post it right.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 20:29
Very true. And, and there was a piece that I didn’t mention something else that I do, and I didn’t realize I was doing it then, but I know it now because I teach it. So I would sit down and also think of what are some of the issues that my ideal audience is dealing with right now. And while I’m writing down the list of stuff that I’m going through, I also write down other moms are probably going through struggling with naptime issues or struggling with you know putting the child to bed at night. Being at home with your with your kid right now during the pandemic. So all of those things as well. I was able to connect with audiences based on what they’re dealing with, especially if it was similar to what I was going through as well.

Mindy Marzec 21:08
Right. I think personal storytelling is so important in with social media marketing and with growing an online community because that is how you attract your your people like you. You tell stuff about you and you find other people who like the same things you like, but it’s also so important to put the needs of your audience first, because there might be some things that a large group of them are going through that maybe you don’t necessarily feel at the moment. But yeah, recognizing their struggle or trying to to help them in some way. Definitely creates that trust factor that as online marketers, we’re all looking for that.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 21:49
Yeah, very true.

Mindy Marzec 21:51
So let’s talk about you mentioned the kind of your or let’s talk about how you monetize. You mentioned a couple things that you have where you’re working on and I’m assuming that this is now your full time job. Yes.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 22:06
Yes for the last year. So Whoo, that’s

Mindy Marzec 22:11
amazing. So let’s talk about that because views and going viral is nice, but like how do you make money so how do you use Tik Tok to to earn money? How do you monetize it?

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 22:24
Yeah, so I would say that the first bit of monetization that I did was creating merchandise because everyone was paying for it. So I created merchandise based off of some of the popular videos that went viral, and that sold way better than I could have ever imagined. And being able to make money just in my own home and I did that when I was still in my nine to five and really have to do much of anything to make that passive income happen. It was crazy to me so I did maybe two merchandise launches maybe two or three. And then obviously tick tock and Instagram these platforms also pay you for your your views and it’s not loads if you’re at my level if you’re at the million status, maybe it’s a lot more at my level is not enough to live on. So I get paid from there. I also do have my book Susie with the see. So I wrote my booking that is a source of income and brand deals so brands reach out to me, brands will probably reach out to you at any level. So never think that you’re too small to get a brand deal. But brands have been reaching out to me for quite quite some time. Maybe I’ve got to about 20,000 before I got my first request. And so I work with brands and you know, definitely price yourself. Well don’t price yourself down. That’s a little tip there. As I write I get brand deals and then I also have clients now because I realized that you know, bringing my marketing and my understanding of entertainment and my true love of the customer journey. I’m able to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses learn how to turn a turn what’s happening in their world into content, so that they can bring more people into their community and also make more sales. So that is another thing that I do. So I’ve got a learning community. And I’ve also got a few other bits that are happening around 201 word like I’m also speaker, so I speak at events and I get paid for that too. Perfect.

Mindy Marzec 24:31
I love the multiple streams of income because it’s tough to rely on just one thing. I do want to go back though to the merchandise did you use a print on demand company or did you use Shopify? How did you get that set up?

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 24:46
Oh, yeah, for sure. And once again start imperfectly I created a really horrible what I thought was landing page but no as a whole website, the rest of it still had the Latin in it the main pay and I still made a lot of money y’all I’m sure that people were laughing is good. But so I created a Shopify website. And in then I linked it to a print on demand company. Can I mention the one that I use or I don’t have an affiliate? Yeah. Okay. I worked with Printful and I liked them, but there are many others. Do your research and find the one that works for you. I love Shopify, and I’m not affiliated any of these companies. But but that’s what I use together and I whip that up and for hours like did it all and I thought well done it. I wish I took a picture of it was so janky but I made a lot of money

Mindy Marzec 25:44
that’s incredible. The the gyms just keep on coming because I really want people to hear this. You don’t start off perfect. You have to try and you have to just put the first version out there. And like you said people still purchased.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 25:58
Yeah, lots of purchases. I think I made more than my salary at work. Whoa. Like in a week. Yeah. And I was working really great. I was getting paid really well at my corporate job.

Mindy Marzec 26:10
That’s incredible. I mean, that’s just honestly they they even that you saw like, Okay, this video is going viral. People really like it. I’m gonna put it on a t shirt and sell it like it’s just it’s so smart. I love it. And then you mentioned training. Tell me a little bit about that because you do have some you’re doing a course I think.

Ida (@ToEveryMom) 26:33
Yes. So I have a course called evolve. I love it. Love it love it because it’s helping all of my Facebook lovers. All of my you know, classic Instagram lovers, helping them then trance transition from doing that kind of content over to short form video. So it’s called evolved. And so I thought that and also do private coaching. My private coaching clients are very limited but I do take in new clients each month to take them on a journey with me and that is called Journey. And so I also go into actual businesses and train them train their teams and show them how to use it as well. So I’ve worked with everyone from mortgage lenders to pediatricians to content creators that are just getting started. So yeah, that’s that’s what I do.

Mindy Marzec
And do you do any marketing outside of TiC tock like do you run ads anywhere or are they just finding you through tick tock or word of mouth?

Ida (@ToEveryMom)
Yeah, so most people are finding me through clubhouse, so clubhouse is where I would say, I get most of my clients and a lot of word of mouth like I’ve got people that I’ve worked with or that they see me train, and then they go until groups of people and then I just have this influx of people continuously coming in either wanting to do the course or most want to coach privately.

Mindy Marzec
Very cool. I was so big on clubhouse when at its the height of it, you know, when we were all stuck at home, and we needed human connection, and then it just kind of fizzled, but I love that you’re still on there and going strong. That’s very, very cool. Yeah. Okay, before we wrap up and you know, you’ve already given us so much inspiring advice and information but do you have just like one piece of advice for creators who are maybe just starting out on tick tock and might feel frustrated because they feel like they’re not growing or it’s taking too long or they’re comparing themselves to others? Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out?

Ida (@ToEveryMom)
Yeah, for sure. So I would say number one is, if you have ever interacted with anyone in person, and you’ve made a connection on a plane at a party, I’m telling you that you can grow online on tick tock, because it’s truly about connection. So believe that what you’ve done in person at the cash register, registered till or wherever you’ve been in the park, you can make the connection there. You can do the very same thing through screen while you’re fast asleep. So believe in yourself, bet on yourself and then the next thing that I would say is get yourself training, like don’t go through what you know anyone who wants to do anything and go to the next level. Getting some form of training or coaching is always beneficial. So whether it is with me or with someone else or getting a book or ebook download, it is so worth well worth it for you to avoid the mistakes and the challenges that someone else went through in order for you to actually you know, soar faster. And so those would be the two things and the last thing I’d say is always filter all of it through your energy getting online. A lot of the times especially especially for someone like me, I’m an introvert, you wouldn’t know it but I’m a major introvert in an align can be really draining. And so whatever it is that you want to give, that’s what you will actually give consistently. So think about what you want to do filter it through your energy. If one hour, a day is good for you then do that. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing. Be inspired, but focus on what you want to do, and filter that through your energy. And that’s that’s my advice.

Mindy Marzec
Amazing. I love it. I love that you said bet. on yourself. Yeah, that’s perfect. Put it on a t shirt. And thank you again so much before we wrap up please tell everyone I don’t even think we said your account name yet. Please tell everyone how they can find you online and hire you.

Ida (@ToEveryMom)
Yes, so I’m to every mom. So as if you were writing a letter to every mom that to I am to every mom on all platforms. If you want to find me to every mom.com Ford slash work with IDA that is where you can find me if you’d like to work with me hire me to speak or you know get coaching with me or even purchase my course evolved. That is how you can do so.

Mindy Marzec
I do have a quick follow up question for evolve. I do the the tactics that you teach there the marketing advice that you teach there for short form video. Could it be applied for Instagram reels as well?

Ida (@ToEveryMom)
Oh, for sure. It’s for short form video as a whole. And so I’m a big fan of repurposing so what you do on tick tock, you can take that and put it across all the platforms very easily.

Mindy Marzec
perfect. All right. I love that. Well, again, I from one Disney fan to another thank you so much for joining me today. This was amazing. And I will be following the your adventures on on Instagram and Tiktok

Ida (@ToEveryMom)
Same here. Mindy, thank you so much for inviting me.

Mindy Marzec
Thank you. Yeah. Okay, see, I told you that was going to be super inspiring. I absolutely love Ida’s mindset on growing community and finding ways to help your audience and even as it grows and evolves you can tell that it really has a knack for understanding what her audience wants, what her community needs from her and she delivers it. I learned so much from her and like I said at the beginning of this episode, I have launched a Tik Tok account. So you can find me there at joy of content, same handle as my Instagram. I think I have like six followers over there right now. So if you want more bite size, influencer marketing advice and social media strategy and a little bit of mental health and wellness chat, you can follow me over there on tick tock at joy of content. I’m still experimenting with it. I’ve only done a couple videos. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but and figure out how I can fit it in my schedule but I’m really excited to give it a try. And I’m very grateful to Ida for chatting with me and giving me that push I needed to get started. So again, thank you to Ida from to every mom for joining me here on the joy of content be sure to follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram at to every mom. And if you’re interested in short form video coaching, be sure to visit her website at to every mom.com That’s it for this episode of the joy of content. Thank you so much for joining me today. Please if you haven’t already, I’d love if you could leave the show a review on the Apple podcast app. It only takes a few seconds of your time and it really does help the show out helps me out in the apps algorithm. And of course thank you to everyone who has already left reviews. I really appreciate you so for now, remember to always use your influence for good and I will see you on the next episode.

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