Influencer Education - Episode 10 - All About Brand Collaborations

Brand collaborations are one of the main ways content creators earn money. But working with brands can be … intimidating. How do you know when to start? How do you know if your stats are good enough? How do you know if something will resonate with your audience? And, most importantly, how the heck do you determine what to charge? In this episode, Mindy covers all this and more, including providing a sample pitch email and tips on how to calculate your sponsored post rate. If you’ve ever wondered how you can start using your influence to work with brands, this is the episode for you!

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Key Topics:

  • How do you know who to pitch to?
  • Tips for writing a pitch email.
  • Knowing what to charge (it’s more complex than you might expect).
  • How brands should pitch to content creators.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Sample Pitch Email:

“Hi, my name is Mindy and I run the website This Fairy Tale Life, focusing on Disney Parks travel for adults. I’ll be visiting Orlando Florida on and would love to stay at . I saw your gorgeous pool area and upscale restaurant on your website and I think these amenities would be really appealing to Disney fans looking to visit for a honeymoon, anniversary, or adults only trip.

I can offer a hotel review article on my website, a YouTube video hotel room tour, 1 Instagram post, and 1 Facebook post. In exchange for this coverage, I’m requesting a complimentary 3 night stay at . (Request any additional compensation here.)

Please note all articles and social media posts will be marked as “sponsored” per FTC guidelines.

Thank you so much for your time and attention to this email. I hope we can work together, and am open to discussing different ways we can collaborate.”

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Influencer Education - Episode 10 - All About Brand Collaborations

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