Influencer Education - Episode 11 - My 10 Minute Pinterest Strategy

Is your Pinterest on auto pilot? Are you seeing some traffic trickle in but feel you could be getting more? Pinterest has become a powerful visual search engine and all bloggers and small business owners should be taking advantage. But I know your time is tight, which is why I developed this 10 minute Pinterest strategy. Yep, if you have 10 minutes a day, you can nurture and grow your Pinterest presence. Ready to jump in? Let’s start pinning!

FYI – if you can listen to this episode while looking at your Pinterest account on desktop, that will help immensely!

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Key Topics:

  • Pinterest can be a main source of traffic for blogs and websites.
  • It’s important to be active on Pinterest so their algorithm gets to know you and your pins.
  • Don’t worry about your follower count on Pinterest! The main stat to watch is your link clicks!

My 10 Minute Pinterest Strategy

  • Step 1 – Pin 5 pins from your Pinterest home feed
  • Step 2 – Via your notifications, follow 1-5 boards and repin 1-5 pins from those boards.
  • Step 3 – Via the activities feed, find one of your pins that has been recently repinned and look at the related pins. Pin 1-5 pins from there.
  • Step 4 – Leave a comment on a related pin.
  • Step 5 – Open your website/blog and find some older content (1-3 years old) to pin.

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Influencer Education - Episode 11 - My 10 Minute Pinterest Strategy

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