Image of laptop and coffee cup with text overlay that reads "Evolving your content when everything changes"

Truth time: I’d be so happy if I never had to hear the word “pivot” again! When the pandemic started, every online marketer I follow was in my inbox, telling me I had to PIVOT my business to remain successful during “these uncertain times.” But what if I don’t WANT to pivot my business … what if I’m happy in my niche? Jessica from The Healthy Mouse felt this same way, and decided to stay within her niche and evolve her content to match what her followers needed at the moment. I’m so glad Jessica is our guest today, sharing how she shifted her content creation while also caring for her five-year-old and maintaining her sanity.

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Special Guest:

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Jessica McDonald – The Healthy Mouse
I live in Southern California with my husband and daughter. I am a blogger and freelance recipe creator and food stylist, with a passion for healthy living and cooking! I strongly believe that cooking with all-natural ingredients contributes to overall wellness for the whole family. The Healthy Mouse is all about my kid-friendly meals, fitness, and family travel that follow my passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Key Topics:

  • How can you maintain your niche to match your audience’s needs when everything around you is changing?
  • It’s important to maintain your passion for your work, even if your blogging topics need to evolve to match the times.
  • Tips for getting work done while also providing childcare.
  • Why we all need a little grace and self care right now.

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Image of laptop and coffee cup with text overlay that reads "Evolving your content during COVID 19"

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