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Have you tried your hand at creating an Instagram Reel yet? I know, I know … it’s another social media “thing” to learn. But Reels are a LOT of fun once you get to know them! Plus Instagram is heavily favoring Reel videos in their algorithm so now’s the time to learn and give your impressions a boost. Get your phones out because in this episode I’ll walk you through exactly how to create Instagram Reels, plus give some suggestions on how to come up with content ideas. It’s gonna get … REEL good. REEL good. (Get it?)

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Key Topics:

  • Instagram Reels are short form videos set to music that you can create right in the app.
  • Instagram is favoring Reels in the algorithm right now, so it’s best to learn how to use them!
  • Look through other Reels for inspiration on creating your own.
  • Learn 5 content ideas for making your first Reel.

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