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Congrats! You’re at a point in your influencer career where you want to start working with brands. Sooooo … how do you let them know how awesome you are? That’s where a media kit comes in! Brand Design Strategist Lisette Harrington is here to share exactly what you need to include in your media kit, tips for showing off your best work, and, most important of all, how to actually create your own media kit. (Hint – there’s a hard way and an easy way.)

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Special Guest:

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Lisette Harrington – High Note Designs
Lisette is a brand and website design strategist in Jacksonville, Florida. She works with creative entrepreneurs to transform their online presence into one that resonates with their dream audience through strategic design. You can find her at, or on Instagram (@highnotedesigns) sharing behind the scenes of branding projects, branding tips and more.

Key Topics:

  • A media kit is a digital portfolio that showcases what we bring to the table when we pitch ourselves to brands.
  • Above all, our media kit needs to convince a brand on why they should work with us!
  • Your media kit should include your audience demographics, engagement statistics, and examples of your best work.
  • There are many ways to create a media kit, but the most efficient way is by having your media kit hosted as a page on your website.

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