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If managing your time and completing all your tasks is a daily struggle, then this episode is for you! Today we are chatting with Charelle Griffith, multi-passionate entrepreneur who manages her day job alongside her blog and podcast. Charelle has some great tips about productivity and scheduling, including one tip that has TOTALLY changed the way I plan my day!

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Special Guest:

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Charelle Griffith, Charelle Griffith Marketing
Charelle Griffith is a Marketing Strategist for Coaches, Consultants and Service-Based Business Owners. She specialises in helping business owners to consistently create content that showcases their expertise, builds an audience and drives more sales. In addition, Charelle is also a book blogger, co-host of the Free and Figuring It Out podcast and Founder of PropelHer. You can find out more about Charelle at

Key Topics:

  • Everyone is going to have different strategies to completing tasks; the key is figuring out what’s best for you.
  • Time management and productivity basically comes down to being disciplined.
  • Work tends to expand to fill the time allotted, so try scheduling your day down to the hour to motivate yourself to complete tasks on time.
  • Scheduling and batch processing will make your time stretch further!

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