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Have you started using Instagram Reels yet? Reels are short form videos you can create right inside the Instagram app, and since Instagram always prioritizes their new features, people are seeing massive engagement and growth by using Reels consistently. One of those people is Natasha Samuel, Instagram Strategist and owner of Shine with Natasha! On this episode, Natasha shares how she created new Reels by repurposing older content and gained approximately 1000 followers a week as a result!

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Special Guest:

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Natasha Samuel, Shine with Natasha
Natasha is host of The Shine Online Podcast and the founder of Shine with Natasha, an Instagram Studio that helps small businesses shine online. Through intensive strategy days, digital resources and education, Natasha helps you build your brand on the ‘Gram with a video strategy that is fulfilling and fun without the overwhelm.

Key Topics:

  • Find out the three types of Reels categories you should create.
  • Learn about Natasha’s 30 Days Reels Challenge and how she came up with 30 content ideas.
  • Which apps will help with creating Reels videos.
  • How to decide which content to repurpose first.
  • Sharing some of the different versions of Reels you can create.

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