Influencer Education - Episode 38 - Is Facebook Still Relevant?

Facebook … love it or hate it, it’s still one of the best marketing platforms around. With nearly 3 billion Facebook users, your target audience is certainly hanging out there. That’s why I think – yes, Facebook is still relevant! In this episode, I’ll discuss the differences between Facebook Pages and Groups, why you need both, and some tips for optimizing your platforms. Let’s go!


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Key Topics:

  • What are the different ways to use Facebook for influencer marketing?
  • Why businesses need a Facebook Page instead of using your Facebook Profile.
  • Learn about the “bumper sticker” method for naming your Facebook Page
  • The dangers of auto-posting.
  • Why users love Facebook Groups so much.
  • Why every content creator should have their own Facebook Group.
  • What to post on Pages and what to post in Groups.

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Influencer Education - Episode 38 - Is Facebook Still Relevant?

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